Recruiting PvE Luxon Guild

Oxford Doctors [OXDR] Edit

Oxford Doctors [OXDR]
Oxford Doctors
Territory United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden
Language English
Leader Kar Chorovar
Type PvE
Members 30
Guild Hall Jade Palace
GWG Forum
Time zone GMT


Leader Kar Chorovar
Officer Tsath Bren
Officer Silvia Iamjarie
Officer Darth Laa
Officer Talon De Silver
Officer Shiva Sacreange
Officer Kia Ghostwhisper
Officer Blacksoul Stealer
Officer Count Calixtus
Officer Arkonox Dorvan
Officer Mordekai Adms
Officer Camilla Aldino

Recruitment Edit

All people are welcome.

Contact information Edit

Brotherhood Of Knights Alliance
Leader Brotherhood Of Knights
Members Oxford DoctorsThe Almighty Guild Of DragonsThree Man Gang

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